Super navigation


The problem we framed

As the business scaled rapidly, mini sites began to spring up. LendInvest Capital, LendInvest Intermediaries, LendInvest Blog. A problem started to emerge from this. These sub-sites were getting out of date and not updated as frequently as we’d like, and the experiences started to become disjointed for users.

We wanted to bring these experiences back together so users felt as though it was all under one umbrella. The goal was to increase conversion through our funnels by making the platform simpler to navigate.

① Research
② Prototyping
③ Motion and interaction exploration
④ Internal testing and feedback
⑤ Usability testing

We explored not just visual prototyping, but interaction design and motion. We didn’t know what would work until we tried it out!

Exploring ways of interacting with the navigation.

Exploring how the motion could work.

Sharing progress with developers and designers for thoughts and feedback.

One (of many) mobile interaction explorations

Working out mobile friendly navigation.

A later hi-fi version.

After our sessions we clustered the feedback and identified areas of improvement for the next iteration.

Internal and external feedback on the new navigation structure.

Synthesising feedback with product managers and developers.

Sharing our improvements at one of our internal tech demos.

The new ‘super’ navigation. Built in react, every device friendly.

We A/B tested it before going live, and it’s worked a dream ever since!

Thanks Timothy Greig, Bob VickersPriyesh Shah, Naomi Melliss, Jakub Dziwoki and the rest of the team!

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