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The Mission

#nocoffeemonth is an initiative with the aim to raise money for Charity: Water. It’s about giving up a coffee for a day, a week or even the full month of August and donating that money towards clean and safe drinking water for people that need it most. This project is made possible by all the bad-ass supporters, friends, family and the Charity: Water platform.

Join in

If you want to put your coffee money towards helping communities access safe drinking water, mark August in your calendar! Becoming a ‘No Coffee Month-er’ is the highest honour a coffee drinker can achieve, well done, you are friggin’ awesome.
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Total raised (USD)

131 people

Now have access to clean water




Years running


Communities improved

Projects funded

Thanks to the supporters!

In random order: Oliver Wieland, Nicolas Chagrass, Robin Harding, Tony Ou, Sonia Harding, Kyra Clarke, Bob Vickers, Lina Damberg, Sära Furlong, Bhavesh Bhuthadia, Lauren Baillie, Johnathon Whiting, Cerys Davidson, Jasmine Harding, Helen Jarvis, Loretta Capel, Stephen Ball, Padraig Flood, James Valori, LendInvest coworkers, Simon Dallaway, Alexis Prebble, Frank Killalea, Johnathon Ransom, Marc-Antoine Antonini, Sarah Ferrari, Blair-Sane Knoedler, The coffee bean, Dan Gold, Margaret Stapleton, Erin Boyle, Raima Harding, Hugo Davies, Naomi Melliss, Alice Chambers-Harding, Chloe Walker, Aviel Shtrik and those I’ve missed!!