Work is making me stronger. I’m creating every day I’m on this Earth. Here’s some recent stuff.

Fintech for Borrowers

Innovating in the Product Design team at LendInvest, building user-friendly technology and designing onboarding experiences.

No Coffee Month

Every August, me and my homies give up coffee and put that money towards helping communities gain access to clean water.

Applied Curiosity

Applying curiosity to create an identity for a UX agency that frames and solves problems.

In-between Things EP

In-between Things, the first ep from experimental artist also known as: David. Containing raw excursions and musical intricacies developed over two years.

Social Work + Type  

A collaboration with my lovely wife. Everyday social workers' noble work goes on behind the scenes and this poster is a reminder for those social workers of that their impact matters.

Homeboy Sandman Artwork

The greatest hip hop artist of all time asked me to create artwork for his mixtape. I was honoured to make this masterpiece.

Hustle Typography

A typographic representation of the non-stop life of a modern day hustler. Whether you import coffee beans illegally or make steak sandwiches for a living, the hustle holds true.

Cotton Bureau Collab

Successfully backed shirts that went to production for Cotton Bureau. This one is the ‘Music Bicycle’ shirt.

Various Posters

Over the years I’ve designed a lot of posters. I’ve made posters for events, exhibitions, competitions, clients and just plain ol’ fun. I love the format, and exploring how it communicates well in different spaces.

Capitol Light

Capitol Light is a typeface I designed in my final year of University. It's light-weight form was loosely inspired by cinema vernacular and neon signage. The typeface has all punctuation, diacritics, lining numerals including upper and lower cases.

Complaining Coffee Cup

Complaining Coffee Cup is a playful personification of an inanimate object. The series follows a Coffee Cup’s banter behind his unsuspecting owner’s back.

Music & Design 

I asked talented creatives from around the world if they listen to music while they work. Does music better design? I curated a playlist of music from their selections.