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Threaded Magazine
Threaded is an award winning global niche magazine on creativity. It visually arrests an causes readers to fall into their seats and sniff and lick the pages. I was lucky to be on the design team.

Hustle Typography
A typographic representation of the non-stop life of a modern day hustler. Whether you import coffee beans illegally or make steak sandwiches for a living, the hustle holds true.
No Coffee Month
Every August, me and my homies give up coffee and put that money towards helping communities gain access to clean water.

Various brands
Coming soon
I’ve helped create some great brands. Working collaboratively with the client to uncover a mission, vision and values that it’s graphical representation can really stand for.

Capitol Light
Typeface design
Capitol Light is a typeface I designed in my final year of University. It's light-weight form was loosely inspired by cinema vernacular and neon signage.
Complaining Coffee Cup
Complaining Coffee Cup is a playful personification of an inanimate object. The series follows a Coffee Cup’s banter behind his unsuspecting owner’s back.

Various Posters
Coming soon
Over the years I’ve designed a lot of posters. I’ve made posters for events, exhibitions, competitions, clients and just plain ol’ fun. I love the format, and exploring how it communicates well in different spaces.